The Choo Handbook

Hey there stranger, welcome to The Choo Handbook. We're super stoked for you to be here. It seems choo (choo choo!) has piqued your interest, and you want to learn more. We're happy to inform you you're right where you should be. 🍉

choo is a cute little framework that tries to bridge the gap from prototyping to production code. It has a low learning curve, and is fun and friendly without compromising on performance.

The choo handbook is split into chapters. This introduction is the first. After this:

  • Getting started - Learn Choo by building a small project.
  • Elements - (wip) Go in-depth on creating reusable HTML elements.
  • Routing - (wip) Learn all about the router.
  • Models & state - (tbi) Dive into the world of state management.
  • Effects and subscriptions - (tbi) Everything about asynchronous programming.
  • Servers and native - (tbi) Run Choo in foreign environments.


The source files from which this book is generated can be found on GitHub.

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