Domains are the area of application your application works within.


  • interpretation of the domain
  • models are always wrong
  • but some are useful
  • we don't model reality, we model useful abstractions

Ubiquitous language

  • a language structured around the domain model
  • used by the team members and throughout the code

Bounded context

  • and explicit boundary within which a domain model exists
  • inside all terms have a specific meaning
  • they are part of ubiquitous language
  • high cohesion (things that work together stick together)
  • loose coupling (things rely as little as possible on each other)
  • Represents business capability
  • context-specific model

we don't want to build a model that works for everyone

We don't design a one-size-fits-all architecture, because it doesn't fix anything well.

Micro services

  • individual persistence
  • individual tech stacks
  • individual deployability
  • individual replacability
  • individual scalability
  • can fail individually

What are microservices about?

  • free choice of architecture
  • free choice of persistence
  • free choice of language

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