1. The computer is a machine, but a codebase is an organism
  2. The organic nature of code manifests itself in the dual forces of growth and decay
  3. Building software isn't like assembling a car, it's more like tending a garden
  4. Successful management of a codebase consists in defending its long-term health against the dangers of decay and opportunistic growth
  5. it's far better to fail fast (and loud), in order to call immediate attention to the problem so it can be fixed


Code rot.

  • started when deps are messed with
  • staved off by tiny interventions (moving away from deprecated API and such)
  • number of deps is a risk factor
  • time since the last refactor is a good tell


  • unbounded growth is bad
  • code needs to be tended, or weeds will fester

code smells

[ tbi ]

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