Algorithms === data structures.

Linear algebra

Markov chains




non interactive zero knowledge proof.

Radix tree

Aka radix trie. Like a regular trie, but multiple chars are allowed per node. Even better when coupled with immutability.

Machine learning

Bloom filter

Check if something is possibly in a set, or definitely not.

Block chains


Merge trees

K-d tree

Used to organize points on a multi-dimensional tree. Often used for higher domensions. Works pretty well for 2d in some cases hah. Nearest neighbour lookups for lat-long cords should be done in 2d. This is because the earth is a sphere, lol. It's using a data-structure for 3d points, but running it in 2d.

Split a plane up into zones. Find which zone the point is located in.

Streaming algorithms

Streaming algorithms are useful to operate on values that are too big to keep in memory at any given time. Unlike windowing and sampling techniques, streaming algorithms operate on the whole dataset in realtime.

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