Owning stuff, doing stuff.

morning ritual

Consistency is king. If you have kids you have to be the responsible one. Thinking about this can keep you more sane. Even if you can't always make the full ritual, it's good to have one. Best days are when you can make the full length.

06.25 / drink a glass of lemon water
06.30 / stretch – exercise – stretch
07.00 / shower – get dressed
07.15 / take a moment to apply some face serum and moisturizer
07.17 / put on music, make the bed
07.20 / write a mini schedule and to do list for the day
07.30 / prepare some breakfast
07.45 / eat breakfast together
08.00 / pack lunch
08.20 / enter workspace


Deal with being possessive

  • tell your partner what's bothering you
  • explain why it is that it bothers you, how it makes you feel
  • don't try to change the other person
  • find the underlying reasons for why things make you feel the way they do (fears? previous experiences?)

Deal with being jealous

  • talk about your fears, openly and immediately. Even if you think you're being irrational.
  • jealousy is a symptom that someone is feeling insecure or threatened
  • jealousy comes from someone's needs not being met or someone's being threatened
  • people who don't feel threatened don't feel jealous
  • jealousy is often rooted in other emotions such as fear of loss, feelings of rejection or insecurity (or anything else)
  • once the feelings have been identified, ask yourself what these feelings are serving. Are they warning about a real problem or are you jealous for jealousy's sake?


The things we can touch have no permanence. It is all an illusion. A person's primary need is to let go. Only then can they possess what is truly real.

  • source: crouching tiger, hidden dragon


Email looks like a messaging system, but is actually a todo system that other people can add to.

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