How to create a crate.

export the number seven with an implicit return of the number 7.

pub fn seven () -> ur32 {


Packages you import from other places and share between projects.


Local files that together create a thing, for example an application or crate.

mod is the keyword to define a local module. Given a lib named foo:

// ./src/
mod english {
  mod greetings {

  mod farewells {

Which can then be access by libname::modname::submodname or foo::english::greetings.


use is used after importing a crate to have a shorthand of a method on that crate available.

// expose 'thread'
use std::thread;
// expose 'foo' and expose 'seven'
mod foo;
use foo::seven;
// expose 'foo' and expose 'svn'
mod foo;
use foo::seven as svn;
// expose 'foo' and expose 'svn' and expose 'thn'
mod foo;
use foo::{seven as svn, eight as thn};

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