Developer guide

How third party developers should interact with your brand. E.g. how to tell people to not be misleading, even if they have the best intentions. Dropbox did a wonderful job at this (link below).

Naming your app

Pick your own name. Don't be misleading.

We want to know you're not misleading users by looking too much like our stuff. Our stuff is ours, yours can be integrated but should not be confusing.

Keep current

Use the latest version of our branding stuff. We can't control you updating it so all we can do is request you do.

  • follow brand guidelines
  • don't say we endorse you, don't mislead
  • spell our name correctly, you twat
  • you may only use our logo to link to us. Get it here. Don't modify our stuff.
  • be your own, don't hoist our name into every single thing. It's your app after all
  • if you did all the stuff above, but mimic our complete UI, stop

More questions

Support is here to talk you out of abusing our branding.

Please contact us.

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