show latest tag for package

$ npm dist-tag ls <package>

import npm scripts to shell

dirname=$(dirname "$(readlink -f "$0")")
node_modules="$(readlink -f "$dirname/../node_modules/.bin")"

create release candidate

The next tag is commonly used to specify an rc. The npm version [premajor|preminor|prepatch] commands can be used for this:

# publish a major RC
$ npm version premajor
$ npm publish --tag=next
$ npm install <package>@latest

fix .DS_Store file stuff

// os x adds this if you view the fixtures in finder and breaks the file count assertions
try { fs.unlinkSync(path.join(__dirname, 'fixtures', '.DS_Store')) } catch (e) { /* ignore error */ }

save a github url as an npm dep

  "dependencies": {
    "opener": "yoshuawuyts/opener#split-bin",

Install native deps on a server

Sometimes you'll get a permission error when running prebuild scripts; run the --unsafe flag to circumvent it. This allows random code execution tho, so uehhh yeah be careful.

$ npm install <modulename> --unsafe
$ npm install <modulename> --unsafe-perm

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