Knowing how to present things is excellent. Lacking good presentation is catastrophic for your product; having excellent presentation can even make a shitty product desirable.


Conference talks are unidirectional so:

  1. Talk about theory
  2. Talk about planning / thinking
  3. Get people excited
  4. Share resources
  5. ashley williams on twitter

Plan d'attaque

  1. name the enemy
  2. answer "why now?"
  3. show the promised land before explaining how you'll get there
  4. Identify obstacles—then explain how you’ll overcome them
  5. Present evidence that you’re not just blowing hot air

  6. elon musk's product pitch

Writing a CFP

Call for proposals help land talks - they're important.

  • What is the talk about?
  • Who is the talk for?
  • What will people hopefully learn from it?
  • Why is it relevant for the specific audience?
  • What's unique abou the talk? Why should I watch it?

  • start by writing only keywords

  • place yourself in the perspective of future audience
  • write a brief abstract
  • use "you will" instead of "I will"
  • ask questions and leave unanswered

  • how to prepare for a tech conference talk

Cool talks

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