Naming things

There's a hierarchy in elements within an application. Forms should be composed of:

  • <input> - elements in a form a user can interact with (buttons included)
  • <label> - descriptors for the fields
  • <fieldset> - groupings of <input> and <label> into sections
  • <form> - the complete form

  • Placeholders should be examples of what should go in the field, not the name of the field.

    <input type="text" name="username" placeholder="johnappleseed">
    <input type="password" name="password" placeholder="SecurePasswordGoesHere">

For validation it's useful if every single field in the form is unique. Use prefixes if you must; but doing validation on the form level is probably what you want to do, or else risk separating at the wrong level which is bad bad not good.

prevent form data loss on window close

// Get the text field (#field) that we're going to track
var field = document.getElementById("field");

// See if we have an autosave value
// (this will only happen if the page is accidentally refreshed)
if (sessionStorage.getItem("autosave")) {
  // Restore the contents of the text field
  field.value = sessionStorage.getItem("autosave");

// Listen for changes in the text field
field.addEventListener("change", function() {
  // And save the results into the session storage object
  sessionStorage.setItem("autosave", field.value);

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